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Photographers for Your Wedding

This person is responsible for capturing your images on your big day, your memories, so make sure they are the best, and you can afford their time. There are some questions to ask them that will help you decide on their services.

  1. Is this their first wedding photo shoot? This makes a huge difference in the quality of the images you want.
  2. Do they do this professionally? Are they amateur photographers, many people love to take pictures and have fun doing it, but if they don’t do it professionally, you may not get the images of the memories you paid for.
  3. Do they have a list of fun wedding day photos they commonly take and do they have examples of their work? Make sure you love their work before you pay them to take your pictures.
  4. Will there be 2 of them taking pictures from different angles and/or will there be a videographer? Remember you are making an investment in their work.
  5. Give them a list of images you would like to be taken, go on Pinterest or other wedding planning sites and look at lists of wedding pictures to be taken. Make your own list.
  6. How many hours do you get for the price? Does it include the reception? Does it include your engagement photos?
  7. How do you get your images, USB, mailed, online gallery? What is the delivery time? How long will it take to preview your images?
  8. What is their Back up plan if they can’t be at your wedding? Get their contact information, get all of this before you sign a contract.
Wedding Budget

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